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Difficulty Climbing Stairs Causes

Common daily aches and pains can be a sign of greater underlying issues or the early stages of a medical ailment. If you have experienced pain while climbing stairs this could be a sign of a joint related health issue or a symptom of an internal condition affecting one of the body’s various systems such as cardiovascular or nervous. Difficulty climbing stairs causes can vary greatly and have several different root causes. What follows are the most common difficulty climbing stairs causes, how to best approach each condition, and common methods of treatment. The Most Common Difficulty Climbing Stairs Causes Knee Related Issues In many cases, if you’re having difficulty climbing stairs various knee ailments could be the cause. However, despite similar symptoms (knee pain), the causes can be very different. Osteoarthritis: is a common cause of pain when using stairs. Osteoarthritis tends to occur if you are over the age of 50, it is a degenerative ailment caused by […]

Knee Pain After Running

The term runner’s knee, or patellofemoral pain syndrome (PFPS), is a common condition occurring in people who experience knee pain after running. Although not typically debilitating, this condition can cause significant pain in the knee joint which worsens over time if corrective measures are not taken. In the majority of cases, when pain is addressed quickly, simple treatments and/or alterations encourage marked improvements while allowing you to continue with or return to the sport of running without an extensive delay. Runner’s Knee Has Specific Characteristics PFPS is characterized by a specific type of knee pain which originates below the kneecap itself, often on the upper end where the thigh muscles and the kneecap meet. Pain is typically felt when the knee is in a bent position, whether while running, walking, bending, or even sitting. Inflammation is also typically present. When symptoms first begin, you may only notice knee pain after running, but continuing with the same workout routine without making […]

Knee Injuries

The knee is one of the largest and most complex joints in your body. It’s comprised of bones, cartilage, ligaments and tendons. Two major bones meet to form the joint: the femur (thighbone) and tibia (shinbone). The fibula is located alongside the tibia on the back of the knee, and a fourth small bone, the patella or kneecap, rests on the front to help protect the joint. In between the femur and tibia are two wedge-shaped sections of tough, rubbery cartilage, the menisci, which act as shock absorbers. Four rope-like ligaments hold the bones together and stabilize the knee. Tendons connect the upper and lower leg muscles to the bones to facilitate joint movement. In addition to bending, your knee is designed move side to side, push, twist and withstand significant pressure. Its complexity and location leave the joint vulnerable to injuries, which can happen if a knee receives a direct blow, is twisted beyond its tolerance, gets landed on […]

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Runner’s Knee

Almost without exception, every athlete who regularly uses their legs to any extent will eventually be plagued with a problem in one of their joints. This goes for those of world-class caliber like Shaquille O’Neil as well as for the modest weekend runner. Foremost among these problems is the dreaded “runner’s knee” – one of the most common repetitive strain injuries evident in athletes. Here’s what you need to know about this debilitating and potentially quite serious condition: Typical Causes Often referred to as patellofemoral pain or iliotibial band syndrome – depending on exactly where the pain is localized – runner’s knee is a broadly defined condition that can be caused by any number of strain-producing activities. Chief among these issues are: Overuse – Repeated bending of the knee while running, working out or otherwise engaging in exercise will often irritate the nerves of the kneecap for no apparent reason. Overstretching – While a cherished tradition of the athletic community, stretching […]

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Knee Pain Causes

Even though the knee is a fairly small part of the body, it’s frequent use and central, load-bearing position means it is one of the most common sources of pain in the human body. There are many causes of pain, but we’ve listed some of the more common ones below.   Knee Pain Cause #1: Arthritis Arthritis is one of the most common cause of pain in the knee. There are six different types of arthritis that tend to cause knee pain. They are: Gout Osteoarthritis Post-traumatic Arthritis Pseudogout Rheumatoid Arthritis Septic Arthritis   Knee Pain Cause #2: Injury A common cause of knee pain is injury due to heavy use or mis-use. Physical activities such as sports and work can often cause an injury, either through over-use or through twisting or applying weight on the knee at an unsual ankle. Being overweight also places an unnatural amount of strain on the knee and makes you far more suseptible to […]