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knee pain going down stairs

Knee Pain Going Down Stairs

When you experience knee pain when going down stairs, it often is a sign of an issue with your knee cap (patella) and it’s ability to move around.  Your knee cap is a relatively small bone but it is placed under extreme pressure during every day activities.  To be able to withstand these forces, the knee cap is lined with a thick layer of cartilage on the back. When you are going down stairs, the force exerted on your knee cap is often 4x as much as your body weight.  By comparison, regular walking might apply a force of half your weight.  Anything that interferes with how your knee cap moves or the cartilage lining on the back will cause pain when going down stairs. The two most common causes of knee pain going down stairs are: 1. Runner’s Knee A common condition that most affects individuals that partake is repeated activities that involve their knees.  While the name may […]