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Knee Clicking Up Stairs

Discomfort during regular use of stairs is often the first symptom you may notice if you have a knee issue. Many underlying causes are harmless and can be ignored, however, the greater effort of stair use can quickly highlight more severe underlying ailments. Not all symptoms are created equal a knee clicking up stairs can point to several different causes some of notable concern and others being completely harmless. These very different causes are detailed below.   Ailments Knee Clicking Up Stairs May Point To There are several different conditions that can cause joint noises such as knee clicking up stairs. The most common ones include the following examples. Mild/Non Harmful Causes It is important to understand that just because your knee is making clicking noises when you climb up stairs that doesn’t necessarily mean there is a serious underlying medical issue. The important thing to keep in mind is, “Are there any additional symptoms ?”. If your knee is […]

Difficulty Climbing Stairs Causes

Common daily aches and pains can be a sign of greater underlying issues or the early stages of a medical ailment. If you have experienced pain while climbing stairs this could be a sign of a joint related health issue or a symptom of an internal condition affecting one of the body’s various systems such as cardiovascular or nervous. Difficulty climbing stairs causes can vary greatly and have several different root causes. What follows are the most common difficulty climbing stairs causes, how to best approach each condition, and common methods of treatment. The Most Common Difficulty Climbing Stairs Causes Knee Related Issues In many cases, if you’re having difficulty climbing stairs various knee ailments could be the cause. However, despite similar symptoms (knee pain), the causes can be very different. Osteoarthritis: is a common cause of pain when using stairs. Osteoarthritis tends to occur if you are over the age of 50, it is a degenerative ailment caused by […]

Knee Pain Climbing Stairs

Knee Pain Climbing Stairs is a very common ailment. If you have ever had knee pain climbing stairs there could be several different reasons why. Despite being a common daily activity climbing stairs puts a surprising amount of pressure on your knee. If you experience pain when climbing stairs this is often a sign of an underlying knee issue you may not have been aware of. Here are the most common knee ailments that cause knee pain climbing stairs and various ways to approach treatment. Knee Pain Climbing Stairs Common Causes And Treatment Methods Runner’s Knee: or Patellofemoral Syndrome is one of the most common knee ailments. As the name suggests it does affect runners but they are far from the only people who can have this condition. Runner’s knee tends to be a condition that builds up over time with pain becoming more noticeable. Causes can include tight muscles pulling at the kneecap, weak muscles putting more stress on […]

Knee Hurts Going Down Stairs

Knee ailments are one of the most common joint ailments and have a multitude of causes. Most people encounter a knee injury of some type at some point in their life. A problem can occur in figuring out what type of knee of injury you may have and how to treat it. Knee injuries have common symptoms and there is some overlap. In fact, when your knee hurts going down stairs it can be a sign of several different possible ailments. Here are four of the most common, their causes, symptoms, and possible methods of treatment. 1. Possible Condition: Osteoarthritis Causes And Symptoms: osteoarthritis is a type of arthritis caused by the degeneration of cartilage and the bones of the knee itself. It is common if you’re over the age of 50 and is caused by the wearing down of joints over your lifetime. In addition to knees hurting when going down stairs, other symptoms include swelling, stiffness, pain, reduction […]

Knee Pain Walking Down Stairs

  Whether you live in a two-story building or not, walking down stairs can often be unavoidable on a daily basis. If you experience knee pain going down a flight of stairs or even just a few steps, it’s often because of your kneecap (patella). Your knee cap is a small bone, but it’s placed under undue pressure daily, which makes it hard for it to move around. Walking down stairs puts even extra strain on your patellofemoral joint, which is the underside of your kneecap. To protect your kneecaps, each one is surrounded with the thickest layer of cartilage in your entire body. When you are walking down stairs, your kneecap feels extra pressure and stress since it feels up to 4x your body weight. That means that a 150 pound person feels almost 600 pounds in their kneecap when they are going down a flight of steps. If anything interferes with how your kneecap moves or how your […]

Knee Pain Going Down Stairs

One of the most common forms of knee pain is knee pain when going down stairs. Going down the stairs produces a lot of stress on sensitive joints and ligaments around the knee, so it’s possible to experience pain in this situation even if you have no other knee discomfort. In fact, going down stairs is a significantly more burdensome activity than climbing up them. Many different conditions can produce knee pain going down stairs. An accurate diagnosis is key, but your own observations about your condition will help your doctor get it right. Some of the conditions that might cause this pain include: 1. Runner’s Knee This common condition is often experienced by people who run or jog frequently, hence the name. It is usually caused by muscle weakness or tightness in the muscles around the patella or kneecap – a small, freestanding bone. It’s characterized by kneecap pain and mild swelling. Runner’s knee treatment includes home care such […]

knee pain going down stairs but not upstairs

Knee Pain Going Down Stairs But Not Upstairs

If you are experience knee pain going down stairs but not upstairs, you’ve come the right place.  There is a vast amount of information about knee pain on stairs in general and on knee pain going up stairs, but a lack of information specifically tageting knee pain going down stairs. While all of the main causes of knee pain can be applicable to situations where you have knee pain going down stairs but not upstairs, there are usually just a couple of likely causes and they are easy to remedy. Believe it or not, going down stairs actually puts more weight or force on your knee cap than going up stairs.  It can be as much as 4x your body weight.  So, if you weigh 200 lbs, the force on your knee cap when going down stairs can be as much as 800lbs!  That’s a lot of force and that’s why your knee cap has the thickest layer of cartilage in […]

knee pain going down stairs

Knee Pain Going Down Stairs

When you experience knee pain when going down stairs, it often is a sign of an issue with your knee cap (patella) and it’s ability to move around.  Your knee cap is a relatively small bone but it is placed under extreme pressure during every day activities.  To be able to withstand these forces, the knee cap is lined with a thick layer of cartilage on the back. When you are going down stairs, the force exerted on your knee cap is often 4x as much as your body weight.  By comparison, regular walking might apply a force of half your weight.  Anything that interferes with how your knee cap moves or the cartilage lining on the back will cause pain when going down stairs. The two most common causes of knee pain going down stairs are: 1. Runner’s Knee A common condition that most affects individuals that partake is repeated activities that involve their knees.  While the name may […]

patellar tendinitis

Knee Pain Going Up Stairs

Knee pain going up stairs is very common, and, unlike many other knee pain issues, it occurs in people of all ages.  Quite often, people who experience knee pain going up stairs are perfectly fine and mobile while walking on flat ground or standing.  Knee pain going up stairs can be caused by a large number of things and is something that should be taken care of as it can get worse depending on the root cause. The most common causes of knee pain going up stairs are: (in order of likelihood) 1. Runner’s Knee As you may have guessed from the name – this condition most commonly affects runners – but it can also affect others who perform activities over and over such and walking or kneeling down.  Simply put, any activity that involves extending your knee can cause runner’s knee. Usually, people with runner’s knee will experience pain, mild swelling and tenderness on the kneecap – often accompanied by […]

knee pain when climbing stairs

Knee Pain When Climbing Stairs

Many conditions can cause knee pain when stair climbing. Pain in the front of the knee/knee cap is a common complaint from knee pain suffers when they climb or descend a set of stairs. Stair climbing places additional stress on injured knee tissues such as tendons and cartilage. View the top 3 causes of Knee Pain Going Up Stairs Patellar Tendinitis Patellar tendinitis can cause knee pain when climbing stairs. Patellar tendinitis is a painful condition and can be debilitating. The patellar tendon connects the patella ( knee cap ) with the larger bone of the shin ( tibia ). A significant amount of stress is placed on the patellar tendon during activities that require repetitive sprinting and jumping movements. Typically, patellar tendinitis is associated with overuse. Common signs and symptoms include: Pain where the patellar tendon joins the kneecap Knee stiffness Knee pain/stiffness when squatting or climbing/descending stairs Cracking sounds in the knee when the knee is bent ( […]